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Agronomy. One of the important topics to discuss under the broad subject farming or agriculture. It is a main branch of agriculture which produces all most all the things that human need for the survival. All creatures in the world affect by agronomy. Foods, drinks, cloths like things which we use day to day are products of this branch of production.

What is Agronomy?

If I say simply Agronomy is the theory and practices involved in crop production and soil fertility management. It can identify as a branch of science. In here all the crops are growing and using to full fill the needs like food, fibre, fuel and so on. This branch of agriculture mainly aims for the increase of crop production, while maintaining the soil fertility in the continuous system of land use.

Why it is important?

This is the branch of science that involves with the production of food that we need, the natural drinks that we love as well as some other products including natural fibre, gas and so on. This determines the availability and the quality of most of the commonly and basic needs of us.

Moreover, it helps to understand about soil properties and how it interacts with crops. All the factors related to fertilizer application and crop production (like the type of fertilizer, application time, application interval, application method, application quantity, suitable types of crops, growing stage, purpose of applying fertilizer) belongs here. Not only these but also consider about the way of growing crops effectively to earn profit. At the same time, consider on conserving natural resources and protecting the environment also.

Farmer should have good knowledge about ecology, climatology, entomology and economics also rather than the crops, soil, weeds and pests. Best crop production is always with scientific research. So natural resources are conserved and crop production also increase. According to the type of crop growing, this can categorize.

Types of crop grown under Agronomy

Food crops

In here food crops and the feed crops comes as two categories. Food crops are the crops that grow for the human consumption while feed crops are growing for the animal consumption. They can divide into several categories like grain based processed foods and vegetables. Grains like wheat, rice and other cereals as well as all most all the vegetable production comes under this.

Feed crops

Feed crops are for livestock. They give nutrients to animals. Feed crops include mainly small grains like rice, oats, wheat, barley and other vegetable products. Also, it includes grain crops like sorghum and corn. Stems, leaves like edible parts of forage crops also give to livestock. They eat forage which are stored and also from grazing.

Fiber crops

Cotton is a fiber crop. All necessary ingredients to grow a plant including water and nutrients need to grow cotton. Then it gives good yield. Hemp also a fiber crop.

Sustainable agronomy

Sustainable farming methods are very important to practice in each and every farm under any farming method because it will surely lead to have better future. Such that practicing this concept is also in a sustainable manner is very important. Sustainable agronomy is production of affordable foods in adequate amounts (nutrients) for the present demand of growing population while protecting environment for future generation. In here, protect crops naturally. Plant health treatments using chemicals are using minimally. It highly concern about soil biodiversity.


Agronomist can identify mainly as the people who are researching on the Agronomical aspects. They develop new farm practices and new technologies to increase the production. Also, they do these things by controlling pests and weeds and protect environment while developing agriculture. Acts as advisers, professional practitioners and educators. As well directly contact with farmers who are involving in agriculture, agricultural companies and other agriculture related communities. They go to the field and introduce new technologies, new chemicals, new machines to farming communities to increase their production and also profit in sustainable manner. They teach about sustainable agricultural practice to farmers. So, agronomists have considerable involvement in food security.


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