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Animal Husbandry

Animal husbandry, Animal rearing, types of husbandry

When we are talking about agriculture, animal husbandry also included in there other than cultivation of the crops. The simple definition for Agriculture says that Agriculture is the cultivation of soil and rearing of animals. So, the animal rearing is a key concept that we have to talk under the topic agriculture. It is a widely distribute subject all around the globe that meets the demands of the people through various ways.

What is rearing animals or animal husbandry?

Animal husbandry can identify as raising animals, especially the farm animals (for farming) for various purposes including meat, milk, eggs, fiber, leather, wool and etc. This includes feeding, housing, breeding, vaccination like processes carrying out in properly managing farms.

Importance of Animal Husbandry

Rearing animals is an important section under agriculture which provide us the food rich with nutrition.

The products we obtained by rearing animals helps us to meet greater proportion of the nutrient demand. Most of the people around the planet consume the products of livestock rearing through various forms.

Meat and milk play a grater role in peoples food demand. The dairy products from cows, goats, buffaloes are rich in many nutrients like vitamins, proteins, minerals and so on by giving them a higher demand. The value-added milk products are also helping us to have additional income. There by this sector of agriculture led us to have a higher profit by selling the products.

Meat from the various farm animals is the main source of the protein in our meals. So, meat products and value-added meat products include in daily meals of the most of the people in the world.

We can practice this animal rearing as large-scale production or as small scale too. The animals like goat can rear in small scale in your households to have a better income by spending less money.

Surely the animal rearing promises a good income for you. Not only meat, milk and egg like main products these animals are capable of giving so many other products giving an extra income.

The products like wool, leather, feathers, manure, honey etc. use for various purposes are also contribute greatly for your economic development.

You can use the manure of the animals for the production of the bio-gas too. This bio-gas will help you to fulfil your energy requirement cheaply for day today household works.

The rearing of the animals is an eco-friendly mechanism which do not harm your surrounding environment. 

This can practice in your households to meet your day today food requirements other than having a profit.

If you manage your farms in a best way then you can relish all the benefits here.

Purpose of animals rearing

There are various purposes for rearing animals by the farmers all over the world. Here are some of the purposes.

For milk

milk, cow milk, goat milk

Most of the farmers all over the world rear animals like cattle, goat and buffaloes for the milk purposes. This category of animals rearing for milk purpose we normally called as dairy animals. The milk from these animals is highly consumable by the people around all over the world. As well there are so many value-added products like yoghurt, cheese, butter, ice-cream, curd and so on people are earning higher profit by rearing dairy animals. This is a widely distribute sector in the world.

For meat

animal husbandry, meat,

The other main purpose of rearing animals is for meat. The meat is a highly demandable protein source. The animals like cattle, goat, sheep, poultry, swine, fish, rabbits and etc. are rearing for obtaining meat. The farmers can have a higher profit through this sector also.

For eggs


Another purpose of rearing animals is for eggs. The poultry animals are rearing for the purpose of having eggs. In here chickens, goose, turkeys, quails, ducks and etc. are rearing to have eggs.

For wool


The main purpose other than rearing for above purposes includes rearing animals to have wools. Animals like sheep, goat, rabbits are rearing for wool used in cloth manufacturing. There are some other products like manure, feathers, honey and etc. taken from animals.

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