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Deep Water Culture

Deep Water Culture

Hydroponic farming or cultivation lies at the top of the various modern farming technologies. Hydroponic farming can identify as one of the most effective farming methods which you can guarantee high quality production. There are different types of hydroponics systems. Some of them are ebb and flow hydroponic system, deep water culture system, wick system and so on. Based on your preference you can choose on system out of them. Here through this post, I am going to focus on one of the popular hydroponic systems. That is Deep water Culture.

Deep Water culture or in short DWC can identify as a hydroponic system that is suits best for a beginner to the hydroponic industry. It is very easy to set up. But effective and efficient in giving the yield you want. So, my friends if you are going to test hydroponics in your own in your beautiful home garden try this system easily.

What is Deep Water Culture System (DWC)?

Hydroponics simply means cultivating the crops in water without using soil. The water or the nutrient solution provides all the necessary nutrients for the plant growth. There are different hydroponic systems which you can use in farming hydroponically. Among them this DWC system can identify as the basic type of hydroponic system which is more popular among the small-scale hydroponic farmers.

In here the plant is submerged in a nutrient solution (hydroponic nutrient solution). This solution is acting as the basic nutrient supplier for the plant. Through this solution you need to provide all the necessities for proper crop growth including nutrients, water, air and so on. As the roots of the plants gets suspended or submerged in water unlike in other hydroponic systems the name Deep Water Culture is given. A considerable proportion from the roots are submerged in this type. Here we are growing plants in deep water without adding water from time to time.

Components of Deep Water Culture System?

There are some essential components of this system.

A water reservoir – As I mentioned earlier any hydroponic system needs a water reservoir. This water reservoir should provide all the elements needed in plant growth.

The air pump – In this system as we are not using soil medium there are no air holes. Therefore, we need to create air bubbles artificially if we want to see a properly growing plant without drowning. For that purpose, we need to fix an air pumper.  Continuous pumping of air in to the water reservoir prevents drowning of the plant.

In addition, there should be enough nutrients also.

Components of Deep Water Culture Hydroponic System

Nutrients – when we grow plants in the soil the soil provides all the nutrients needed by the plants. But in here we have to add all the wanted nutrients to the water solution. Then only the roots can absorb the required nutrients. We have to add the macro and the micro nutrients to the solution in adequate amounts and need to examine regularly.

Moreover, the favorable pH, temperature and dissolves oxygen contents also should monitor regularly.

How to set up a Deep Water Culture System?

Setting up this system is very easy. All you need is to have a bucket with a lid. Or in advance you can buy a basket in the market especially designed for hydroponic cultivation. Then you need some net pots. After the plants germinated you can plant the crop in these net pots. As growing medium you can use peat, moss, perlite, coir or etc. Then make some holes in the lid of your basket and place the net pot in the hole such that the roots get submerged in the water solution in the basket. In here you have to set up a small are pumper also to prevent drowning.

Check the nutrient availability for your crop and add the needed nutrients and balance the temperature and pH of the solution. You can prepare your own nutrient solution or can buy some premade solutions. Then you are done. Your hydroponic system is ready now. But need to examine the water reservoir continuously for better output.

Do not add higher nutrient concentration to the solution. Because it may affect badly on the roots. As well as change the water in the reservoir from time to time for better management.

Deep Water Culture Hydroponic System

Pros and cons of the system

The main pros here is the easiness in setting up the system. You need only few things to make this system. As well in here you can have your production quickly than that of in the soil. Once the system is set up management is very easy. But you need to inspect the nutrient solution regularly for better control of the parameters. This is somewhat difficult to practice in large scale productions and power failure may affect the system badly.

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