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Organic Farming

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I am sure that most of you have heard the term organic agriculture. In today’s agricultural world most are talking about this nice and eco-friendly practice of Agriculture. With the green revolution and the industrialization, the conventional or traditional farmers began to use intensive methods of cultivation in order to get a higher harvest. In there they used too much chemicals as pesticides, insecticides and also as fertilizers. But there are so many bad side effects of this intensive agricultural practices where use of chemical is higher. These are affecting health of the people very much. Not only that it effects on the balance of the nature too. Most of the practices are not eco-friendly making so many bad effects on the environment.

So, with this harmful or un-friendly side effects of the conventional agricultural practices people began to search for the new methods of farming. As a result, a concept called Organic Farming began to practice. This concept of organic Farming is very old. It was first introduced to the world in 1900. But the farmers are thinking about this concept in current society more and more with the ecological unbalance and the health hazards.

What is organic farming?

what is organic farming

Organic farming simply can identify as a farming practice which is eco-friendly and practices using the organic or biological fertilizers obtained by animal or plant wastes. As well this uses eco-friendly pest control methods. This method does not promote the use of the agro-chemicals in farm lands. The soil erosion and the other effects on the environment is prevented through this mechanism. This is simply what organic farming is. But this concept is far more complex than this definition.

Why we need to farm organically?

In current society where non-communicable diseases are higher the people are moving to healthy food habits. They prefer chemical free, healthy food. Through organic production farmers can produce food free from chemicals. But as you already know the supply is not enough to meet the demand of the people. Therefore, it is better to move in to the organic farming practice from your conventional farm. It is guaranteed that you can have a better income through this. As well the wastes materials of your households and also in your farms can convert to valuable organic fertilizers for a little cost.

Eco-friendly practices under organic agriculture

There are some of the practices you can carry out under organic farming. All these practices are environment- friendly. Some of these farming sources include cover crops growing, crop rotation, integrated farming like systems is practicing.

Additionally, the animal and the plant manure are use here as the fertilizer sources. The waste products from the animal farms can be used here in manufacturing the fertilizers as well as the pesticides.

Benefits of organic farming than the conventional or traditional farming.

As mentioned, this practice uses biological fertilizers as well as biological pesticides. Therefore, no harm is causing on the health of the consumers.

No soil erosion occurs here. In here the nutrients of the fertilizers are not leaching to the ground and there by the soil erosion a is prevented. Moreover, nitrates, Hg, Zn, Cu like elements will not get accumulate in the water sources as well. So, it does not affect on the health of the human as well as animals.

Due to its healthiness the consumption of the organic food products is increasing all around the world. Sometimes the supply is not enough to meet the demands of the people. Therefore, the prizes of the organic food are much higher than other products from the conventional agriculture.

But there is a small drawback associate with this. That is the harvest from the organic farms are lesser than that from the conventional farm. It assumes that the harvest is about 25% less than average traditional farm yield.

Organic certification

In order to have a market for your organic products you must have a certification for your products. The USDA offers an Organic certificate for your products by considering some of the criteria. The certification offers for the farm crops as well as for some of the wild products like honey, toddy, vinegar, vegetable oils, lemon grass like drinks and etc. This certification allows the farmers to process, label and sell their products. There are different aspects which are considered when certifying your products as organic. Let’s talk about them in detail through the upcoming posts.

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