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Role of Weather for Agriculture

Role of weather in agriculture

In this article we are going to discuss role of weather in agriculture. Weather is a factor that is normally cared by each and every individual. Personally I prefer the rainy weather especially on night. Because it gives me nice feelings and also a good sleep. Like this, I am sure that you all may like some different weather conditions. It can be a rain, sunny day, windy day, etc. But our fields will not prefer the weather condition that we prefer. Because agriculture or farming is at the top most level among the other industries that will get affected by the weather conditions. But for sadness the weather cannot be controlled by us at most times except in some few occasions. During the past era the weather was predictable to some extent. That means our ancestors were able to predict at which period of the year it rains or not by looking at some signs and symbols coming from the surrounding. But now a days it is very hard to predict the weather conditions. But we all know that in today’s world weather has become unpredictable. Therefore in now a days it is more important to pay your attention on changing weather.

As I mentioned earlier also the weather cannot be controlled by the farmers. But the farmers can get used to the weather pattern and he can get used to the available weather by following additional management practices. This will help to minimize the crop and cost loss and for that up-to-dated knowledge on the weather is important.

It is very important to know about adverse weather effects like floods, droughts, frosts and hails as these will lead to loss the crops in large extent. This up-to-dated knowledge acquiring is now easy. Because through your mobile phone also you can know anything. It will be an easy task as most of the people have smart phones in their hands. The whole globe comes to your hand through these. So get the advantage of it. You can become aware of the weather forecast through any available device (TV, radio, computer etc.).

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As I mentioned earlier also the agriculturists all know that weather is a significant factor in growing plants and rearing livestock. It is obvious that plant needs water (moisture), sunlight and warmth for better performance. And we know that these conditions required by the plants are supplying by the weather.

If I say that agriculture is based and designed corresponds to weather pattern. I think you may agree with me. The agriculture solely depend on the weather and I would like to say that please do not misunderstand between the climate and the weather.

Set of parameters offered by weather to be measured for better plant stand

You have to be very keen on weather factors when making decision on managing your farm. Some of the principal areas that you must pay your attention on managing your farm.

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# Irrigation

One of the important factor to consider when engaging in farming is irrigation. Simply the water supply. Water is a critical component for plant growth especially. But you all know that the water should be at an optimum level to show better performance. If the water level is too much or too less the plants will not grow well as you expect. So the irrigation system that you are going to plan should be definitely depend on your weather pattern of the area. Knowing the rainfall will help you to decide when and how much to irrigate your crops.

# Fertilizer application

You have to consider about the weather parameters when you decide to apply fertilizer also. You must apply the fertilizer at real time, at correct dosage and have to use the suitable form for better performance. Think for a while, if after you applied your fertilizer to the field a in the evening and it was raining in the night. What an unlucky situation? Your effort and the money will flow away with the raining water. Therefore it is you who should take care of the weather conditions to avoid such unfortunate circumstances.

# Managing pest and diseases

As farmers it is a known truth that some weather conditions affect badly for the occurrence and increment in pests and diseases conditions in the depending on the weather condition you have to use appropriate pest and diseases controlling techniques in order to protect your crops from the enemies.

# Working days

Working days of the field is also determined by the weather condition. You will feel free to work in the field if the soil moisture and soil temperature is at optimum level. As these parameters are depending on the prevailing weather condition the understanding about the weather is a must as farmers. 

I think that now you have a clear idea about the factors or the conditions of the fields that are get affected by the weather condition that is prevailing in your area. It is very important factor that you have to keep up-to-date if you are a successful farmer.

Do you think that it is a sad situation if we do not use the modern technology in this modern world which depend on the technology unlike in past days? Yes, of course. As farmers, modern farmers you also have to use this modern effective technology for higher productivity.

So again I would like to emphasize you that if you are using this modern technologies you will be able to improve your production and it will help you to have a higher profit and also a better lifestyle.

Next we will see what are these modern technologies that we can use to know about your surrounding’s weather.

It is a known truth that agriculture is important for the sustainability of the whole world as it provides the basic need of the humans, the food. For this thing to be productive and profitable we need to care about lot of things. Among those if you give the priority to the weather condition you will be able to be a owner of the profitable and productive land

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